Family History

The earliest recorded event (on IGI and Sussex Marriage Index) for this family in the Billingshurst/Pulborough area appears to be the marriage of Henry and Elizabeth. A little earlier Mary Atfield from Witheham Surrey married John Edwards from East Grinstead in Hartfield 22/2/1695/6. There were Adfields in Surrey in the 18th century, and Withyham seems to have been one centre for them. I cannot find a trace for Henry in Surrey but this may be accounted for if he was born a Quaker (or another dissenting sect). IF Mary Adfield who married William Hayler in 1759 is descended from Henry and Elizabeth then there must be a ‘missing generation’. The name Adfield/Atfield seems to have been interchangeable at the time.Of course they may not have come from Henry and Elizabeth at all – this couple might have just got married in Ifield because it was the nearest Quaker House! I am assuming that Henry, Edward, Elizabeth and Maria were siblings or cousins of Mary. By the 1810s onwards there were Atfields/Adfields in Arundel, Oving, Stedham areas etc – possibly descendents of these. The odd person also appears infrequently in East Sussex – there seems to be no established family of the name there..




Married: 22/8/1705 Ifield Quaker House

Spouse: Elizabeth Butler, widow james Butler

Both from Charnwood, Surrey



Married: 19/7/1770 Woolavington (witnesses Richard Pannel, Jas Miles)

Spouse: Sarah Newell from Tillington (see Note 3)

Children: Henry bapt 5/11/1775 Bepton

Mary bapt 20/11/1779

[possibly James bapt 13/1/1782 Pulborough parents recorded James & Sarah

John bapt 18/4/1784 Pulborough

William bapt 11/6/1786 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Ann bapt 28/12/1788 Pulborough

Elizabeth bapt 13/2/1791 Pulborough (see Note 2)

Frances bapt 12/4/1795 Pulborough (see Note 3)


Born: 1786 Pulborough

Father: Henry Adfield

Mother: Sarah newell

Baptised: 11/6/1786 Pulborough

Buried: 8/9/1823 Pulborough

Married: 1810

Spouse: Mary Henry

Children: Henry bapt 14/11/1811 Pulborough (see Note 1)

[possibly Mary b 1817] (see Note 2)

John b 1818 Pulborough

Note 1: John Adfield bapt 8/2/1818 Pulborough married 28/6/1851 Burpham harriet Page

Note 2: Married 30/6/1838 Storrington James Gilb


Note 2: Elizabeth Adfield bapt 13/9/1791 married 30/4/1809 Pulborough James Woods

Note 3: Frances Adfield married 26/7/1817 West Chiltington Harvey Herrington


Spouse: Mary

Children: Lucy bapt 15/9/1782 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

Charlotte bapt 5/6/1785 Billingshurst

Milly bapt 28/6/189 Billingshurst

Note 1: Lucy Adfield married 13/10/1801 Pulborough Thomas Evans


Married: 31/10/1754 Billinghsurst

Spouse: James Wilson

Witnesses Tho Jackman, Edward Atfield


I’m not sure how these fit in. Sarah could I believe be the daughter of Henry and Sarah. Maria could possibly be a sister of Mary - Mary/Maria might be the name one or of them adopted to use. However by the then there could have been two Adfield families in the area.




Children: Lucy bapt 2/10/1796 Billingshurst

Philip bapt 3/9/1798 Billingshurst

Jane bapt 6/10/1801 Nillinghsurst

Peter bapt 10/4/1803 Billingshurst


Married: 4/3/1764 Pulborough

Spouse: Thomas Caplin

Witnesses Daniel Searle, John Hughes


Children: James Hayler Adfield bapt 14/2/1790 Pulborough

Note: James Atfield married 19/2/1811 Oving Elizabeth lambert


Children: Ann Atlfield bapt 24/7/1803 Billingshurst